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UNBOUND 2022 - Submissions open now

UNBOUND 2022 - Submissions Open

unbound 2022 is prideART's second fetish themed queer art exhibition. Running in conjunction with Folsom Europe, unbound seeks to explore the many facets of the queer fetish communities. In September alongside the Folsom Europe festival we will host an exhibition exploring all things fetish. As usual we are looking for artists and artworks that cover the wide range and diversity of the fetish community. The images must be fetish themed - there’s no rules as to what the fetish must be - if it’s a fetish (or could be) then it’s in! As usual submission is free for new artists and member artists. Non-members in this group are invited to apply for membership for only 120€ per year - this money goes towards running prideART Berlin and making our exhibitions free for the public and providing you with an open and inclusive project space to show queer art work.

Berlin drag queen legend Chantal poses for a photograph in a yellow prison cell in front of a Ron Kibble.

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